Civil law attorney for everyday problems in Las Condes.

Civil law is the branch of law, of a private nature, in charge of regularizing multiple aspects related to citizen life, hence its character of civil or citizen. Among these aspects can be named property, obligations and contracts, problems of inheritance and effective possession, family relations and civil status of persons.


Civil lawyers are in charge of normalizing the legal issues related to people's daily life, and the relations between the state and its fellow citizens. In other words, their job is to solve the problems of all individuals.


The civil lawyer reviews each case with determination, recognizing whether or not there are causes and whether a lawsuit should be filed, always depending on the case in question. Once he has analyzed all the details, he is obligated not to disclose any information to anyone, handling the case with complete confidentiality.


If you have any problem in Las Condes related to your family such as an inheritance, a divorce, a maintenance or any difficulty in the separation of assets, do not hesitate to hire a civil law attorney. By giving all the neighbors of Las Condes exclusive benefits and discounts using your neighbor card.


Wolfenson Abogados studies and analyzes each case before assuming it at no cost to our clients. Evaluating the possibilities of success in the face of possible litigation and guiding each client in their alternatives of action.


If you need further information and legal advice regarding civil law, contracts, inheritance or other issues in Las Condes, we invite you to contact our lawyers. We are located at Avenida Apoquindo 2930 in the district of Las Condes, Santiago.

Civil Law Attorney in Las Condes

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