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Family law is the set of legal rules that regulate and establish the personal and property relations of the members of a family. It is considered a crime when it is not respected, usually because of things like the large number of children on the streets of Santiago.


Family law has particular characteristics. It is composed of a moral or ethical content, and has rules and duties that must be complied with. Today, family law is an autonomous branch of law, and consequently has its own principles. However, in order to obtain autonomy, it requires doctrinal, legislative and judicial independence.


The professional responsible for the effective enforcement of this law is the family lawyer. He or she provides an outstanding service due to his or her predominance of social interest over individual interest. This entails some consequences, in the rules of public order, in a reduction of the autonomy of the will and in the family relations.


Among the outstanding practices of our study in family law, we find common agreement divorces, unilateral divorce, alimony, personal care commonly known as child custody, the right to visits, the procedure for declaring property as family property, dissolution of the marital partnership and economic compensation, the procedure for domestic violence (VIF), protection measures for minors in case of violation of their rights, adoption procedure in Chile, among many others.


If you need more information and legal advice for the processing of family law cases in Santiago, we invite you to contact our lawyers. We are located at Avenida Apoquindo 2930 in the district of Las Condes, Santiago.

Family Lawyer in Santiago

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