Employment lawyer for employers and workers in Las Condes.

The labor lawyer is devoted to labor rights. He knows the rules and principles that regulate the legal relations between workers and employers in Las Condes. This professional, specialized in labor law, is also in charge of understanding what is related to union groups.

Labor law, which is also referred to as labor law or social law, is a branch of law with legal principles and norms that seek to defend human work done freely, in a dependent relationship, on behalf of others, and in exchange for a fee. It is a normative system that regularizes certain types of dependent work and labor relations.


Both an employer and a worker can hire a labor lawyer. The employee can get advice on his or her rights, so that the employer recognizes all that is due to his or her employee. An employer can also use the lawyer to learn about the rights of its employees, avoiding wrongful termination, which could lead to large monetary penalties in a lawsuit.


Wolfenson Abogados also has extensive experience in advising small, medium and large companies in continuous labor audit and contracting procedures, as well as important representation in collective bargaining and company unions in various industries.

If you need more information and specialized legal advice on labor law for employers and/or workers, we invite you to contact our attorneys. We are located at Avenida Apoquindo 2930 in the district of Las Condes, Santiago.

Labor Lawyer in Las Condes

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