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Benefits Santiago Chamber of Commerce

Wolfenson Abogados and the Santiago Chamber of Commerce have formed an alliance aimed at providing legal advice and specialist representation in business and corporate law to the members of the CCS.


The Santiago Chamber of Commerce (CCS) is one of the most prestigious and relevant business associations in Chile. Constituted in 1919 and with more than one hundred years of history, the CCS has more than 2,500 member companies in the different productive sectors of the country, which actively participate in the economic, institutional, governmental and legislative development of Chile. 


The interest of our law firm and especially of our founding lawyers to participate and be a real contribution to the growth of Chile in its path to development, has inspired our law firm to provide important benefits to the members of the CCS.


Through Wolfenson's extensive experience in providing legal advice to large national and foreign companies, but also to small and medium-sized local corporations, in the main industries, such as corporate law, intellectual property and intangibles, consumer law, environmental law, corporate compliance, economic criminal, constitutional and administrative regulatory law, public contracting, free competition law, real estate and construction law, contract law, negotiation, mediation and resolution of complex conflicts, administrative and judicial litigation, among others.


We have set out to provide each CCS partner with the appropriate priority and direct line of contact to our law office in Santiago Oriente. Providing their companies with discounts and preferential attention in all our areas of business practice, promoting an effective retribution to the important role they play in our country.


The law firm Wolfenson Abogados, emphasizes the importance of being in continuous and permanent communication with the CCS, opening its face-to-face and digital meeting channels with the purpose of attending the legal and juridical requirements of our clients, through our law office in the commune of Las Condes, and the use of digital tools such as videoconferences with our legal team in the successful platform Zoom, always at the preference of the members of the chamber.


Through our legal representation and comprehensive legal advice to members of the Santiago Chamber of Commerce, we will continue to build a country that makes us proud, ensuring a prosperous future for the next generations, with a view to corporate and human development of Chile. 

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