Law firm for legal advice in Santiago in the financial center of Chile.

Law Firm in Santiago

Legal advice or legal counseling provides legal information for the resolution of issues related to the application of laws, rules and regulations in any area of law. Legal advice and legal services that transcend the law and specialize in the needs of clients.

The legal consulting service, provided in all the law firms in Santiago, focuses its work on advising on legal matters about any of the branches of law to contribute to the resolution of highly complex issues.

The legal advisor is the one who provides the service, invested by the Supreme Court and having the capacity that the law needs to carry out this function. It is because of the object of that advice, that which relates to legality, from which it takes its name.

The services of legal advice of a law firm are the assistance and specialized legal advice in all branches of law; the preparation of legal reports, legal opinions; legal representation; the preparation of legal documents and notarial deeds; and in short all kinds of specific services requested by the client.

If you need more information and legal advice in the city of Santiago and the Metropolitan Region, we invite you to contact our lawyers. We are located at Avenida Apoquindo 2930 in the district of Las Condes, Santiago.

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Av. Apoquindo 2930 Las Condes, Santiago.
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