Wolfenson Lawyers provides legal advice and legal representation inspired by principles and values of excellence.

Values and principles

Wolfenson Lawyers Mission:

Wolfenson Lawyers is a Law Firm of excellence with a focus on our clients, committed and close lawyers with whom they give us their full trust. We work focused on contributing to the projects, goals and dreams of our clients, but also on providing legal solutions to the problems they may face, controversies where the law and the law can provide an effective response. We comprehensively advise our clients with their simple and complex legal queries in the various areas of Chilean and international law , building from our knowledge to create a better country.

Wolfenson Abogados is a firm inspired by the highest standards of professionalism , a first-class law firm , reliable and open to observe new solutions to conventional problems, within the framework of a collaborative environment, guided by legal and professional ethics , forming a team of legal experts united by empathy and innovation , thereby allowing the comprehensive development of the talents, skills and potential of our specialist lawyers.

Wolfenson Lawyers Vision:

Our goal is to become a legal reference in all areas that make up our legal practice, while positioning ourselves as the leading law firm in Chile for those who require technical, professional and close legal advice .

Our focus is to become the main partner of our clients , providing legal strategies that allow the efficient and effective development of their projects and businesses . All thanks to our professionals focused on innovation, technology and the specialist deepening of legal practice .


Wolfenson Abogados Values:

Wolfenson is quality

We provide legal advice focused on excellence and ethics , in accordance with the highest legal and legal standards . Our attorneys specialize in each of their practice areas , allowing us to take firm steps in delivering trust and quality to our clients. Creativity is the main source of our great work, and technology is the most efficient strategic ally for the professional challenges we face.


Wolfenson stands out for commitment

The empathy of our lawyers allows them to look at each case through the eyes of the client, to feel what our clients feel and from that perspective to find the most effective and opportune solutions . Permanent and constant communication sets us apart from other law firms , the results of which are reflected in the successes achieved together with our clients. Collaboration between our attorneys and clients is the essence of our commitment.

Wolfenson focuses on trust

Trust together with excellence are the most important values ​​for our law firm . Trust is built over the years and based on a professional, cordial, ethical and excellent relationship . We provide the most up-to-date and accurate legal information, which together with the honesty, rectitude, critical thinking and legal innovation of our team of lawyers , allows us to build the great trust that our clients need.

Wolfenson puts focus on collaboration

The collaboration of Wolfenson Lawyers , is observed in the healthy coexistence between the members of the law firm . The friendly and cordial relationships between them are reflected and transmitted in turn to our customers. What allows us to achieve the objectives that we set ourselves with excellence.

Wolfenson offers exceptional value to legal advice in Chile

Our lawyers , as experts in different matters of law, understand the legal problems and challenges in their globality, transcending the individuality of their main legal practice . These attributes allow us to provide exceptional and rigorous legal advice, creating long-term relationships with our clients. At the same time, we try to ensure that our specialist attorneys can maintain a balanced balance between their legal profession and their personal lives.

Wolfenson Lawyers. Chile Law Firm.

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