Civil law attorney for everyday problems in Las Condes.

Civil Law Attorney in Las Condes

Civil law is the branch of law, of a private nature, in charge of regularizing multiple aspects related to civic life, hence its character as civil or citizen. These aspects include property , obligations and contracts , inheritance and effective possession problems, family relationships and the civil status of individuals.


Civil lawyers in Santiago are in charge of normalizing legal matters related to people's daily lives, and the relationships between the state and their peers. In other words, your job is to solve the problems of all individuals.


The civil lawyer or civil lawyer studies each case by conducting a comprehensive analysis, recognizing whether there are causes or not and whether a civil claim should be filed, always depending on the case in question. Once this legal examination has been carried out regarding the legal consultations of our clients, the best legal alternative available tailored to each client is provided, and always safeguarded by the strictest confidentiality .


Faced with any legal controversy in Santiago or Las Condes related to the family, inheritance , partnerships , contracts , among others, it is appropriate to have the legal advice of a civil lawyer . At the Wolfenson Law Firm , we provide all residents of Las Condes with exclusive benefits and discounts using their neighbor card.


Wolfenson Abogados studies and analyzes each case before assuming it at no cost to our clients. Evaluating the possibilities of success in a possible legal litigation and guiding each client in their alternatives of action. Our law firm focuses its work on protecting what belongs to our clients and making their business progress, representing our clients - natural and legal persons - both in judicial and extrajudicial fields . We provide advice focused on the effective protection of our clients' assets and businesses.


Some of the matters that are understood to be included in this area are: Drafting and review of Documents and Contracts ( purchase and sale contracts and promise of sale ), Mediation and Conflict Prevention , Legal Representation and Litigation , Inheritances and Successions , Study of Titles , Execution of Credit Titles ( judicial collection ), Leasing , Civil Liability and Compensation of Damages . Among other.


We carry out the preparation , preparation and execution of all kinds of contracts and civil documents in Chile , among them the following stand out: -Mandate -Bonder -Comodato -Mutual -Deposit -Construction -Transaction -Separation of Assets and Liquidation of Marital Partnership -Commercial and High Complexity Mercantile -Leasing -Factoring -Confirming- Distribution -Franchise -Commercial Agency -Business Collaboration -Advertising -Tests -Leasing -Work -Purchase-Sale -Ression of Rights -Promise -Mortgage


Likewise, the Wolfenson law firm develops comprehensive legal advice for the following legal procedures: -Executive Lawsuits -Treasury Lawsuits -Lease Lawsuits -Opening of Wills -Third parties -Ordinary Lawsuits -Summary Lawsuits - Inheritances - Intestate Effective Possession - Effective Possession Testada - Indemnification of Damages - Interdiction Trial - Garnishments - Name Change - Exchange action - Inheritance petition action - Claim action - Mortgage action - Authorization to dispose of real estate (minor, incapable or injunction) - Name change and / or surnames - Transfer of property rights - Transfer of hereditary rights - Check cashing - Collection of bills and promissory notes - Collection of bills - Declaration of interdiction due to insanity - Declaration of interdiction due to dissipation - Declaration of presumed death - FFAA personal defense - Demand term of the lease , for non-payment of rents - Legal right of retention - Garnishment s - Study of titles in Santiago and all of Chile - Expropriations - Inheritance and effective possessions - Compensation for damages - Lease lawsuits - Partition lawsuits ( inheritance partition ) - Medical negligence - Nullity of contracts - Precarious lawsuit - Drafting of deeds and contracts civil -Revocation of domain names - Creation of companies in Chile -Modification of companies in Santiago - Reorganization of companies - Request for name change - Third parties .   Wolfenson Abogados - Civil Lawyers in Santiago.


Wolfenson is a firm made up of professionals who are experts in civil rights in Chile , both from their dogmatic or doctrinal perspective to the practical execution of those through the exercise of specialized legal actions , most of them lawsuits and legal requests before the various Civil Courts of the Metropolitan Region .


Civil lawyers in Santiago who are experts in various matters, among them we have excelled in providing excellent legal advice and representation in Civil Liability Lawsuits, Contract Liability Lawsuits, Tort Lawsuits, Ordinary Lawsuits , Summary Lawsuits , Executive Lawsuits , Lawsuits of Arriendos, Trials Precarios, Possessions Effective Tested and Intestate, Trials of inheritances, wills, judgments of liens, judgments Interdiction insanity, Trials of Finance, mediation, name changes, liquidation of the debtor or personal bankruptcy, drafting, revising , correction of civil contracts, absolute and relative nullity of contracts , Studies of titles of urban and rural properties in Santiago and all of Chile , Legal advice on the sale of furniture and real estate , drafting of the purchase and sale contract and the promise of sale contract, regularization of real estate , among many other m atherias.


If you need more information and legal advice from a civil lawyer in Santiago, an expert in contracts, inheritances or other similar matters in Las Condes, we invite you to contact our lawyers. We are located at Avenida Apoquindo 2930 in the commune of Las Condes, Santiago.

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