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Criminal lawyers of excellence to meet the demands of criminal law in Las Condes.

Criminal Lawyer in Las Condes

We implement a rigorous legal defense of the rights of our clients in criminal and criminal proceedings . Our firm is in charge of providing excellent criminal legal advice and judicial representation led by criminal lawyers in Las Condes , to meet the requirements of our clients before the Courts of Justice and the Public Ministry of Chile . Providing a technical and professional criminal defense , avoiding risks and maximizing the chances of success using proper planning from both the defense and the complainant's perspective.


We represent the interests of our clients in the diverse instances raised before administrative organisms and the Judicial Power ; We defend the rights of our clients through an effective criminal legal strategy and planning ; Some of the matters that are understood to be included in this area are:


1.- Public Official Crimes and Corruption: Corruption crimes, also known as “ civil servantscrimes, are all those illegal behaviors committed by public officials in the exercise of their positions, or those that affect the treasury's assets in a broad sense, to Facing an accusation of this kind is opportune to have the expert legal advice of a lawyer specialized in criminal law in Chile . These crimes can occur both in the administration of the State, as in its centralized or decentralized agencies, autonomous entities, in the Municipalities or Regional Governments, and range from fraud to the Treasury , through incompatible negotiation , bribery and violation of secrets . In the Chilean Penal Code an exclusive chapter is dedicated to the regulation of the criminal types considered “civil servants” and that are 39. The penalties that are risked for the commission of this type of crimes range from a disqualification -for an illegal appointment - Up to 15 years in prison - for an embezzlement of public funds exceeding 400 UTM-. The crimes of public officials in Chile are the following: Bribery : A crime committed by an individual who offers or consents to give a public employee an undue economic benefit so that he performs an act of his position, omits it, infringes his duties, exercises influence or commit an official crime (article 250 of the Penal Code ). Bribery : Crime committed by a public employee who requests or agrees to receive an undue economic benefit (known colloquially as “bribery” or “bribery”) to execute or for having executed an act proper to his position, for omitting it, for infringing his duties, for exercising influence or committing an official crime (articles 248, 248 bis, 249 of the Penal Code ). Embezzlement: Investment unlawful, that is, misuse, through acts of appropriation or alteration of public goods or equated to them (José Luis Guzman Dalbora, studies and criminal defenses, 2009, 332 pp.).


2.- Sex Crimes: Sex crimes are all those acts that threaten sexual freedom and sexual indemnity of people, regardless of their age, social status, race, ethnicity, sex or nationality. Boys and girls are more vulnerable to being victims of these crimes by an older person, since physical force, pressure or deception are often involved. In this area, the consent of the victim does not exist , less in the case of minors, because they have experiences, biological maturity and expectations very different from those of an adult. It is essential to have the advice and legal representation of a criminal lawyer from our legal team, in order to maximize the positive results in the face of charges of sexual crimes, both for the accused and the complainant .


In most cases, sex crimes occur through a gradual process rather than a one-time event. Among the most common sexual crimes are rape and sexual abuse, and in the case of having a victim under 14 years of age, they always constitute crimes that must be reported. Rape consists of carnally accessing, vaginally, anally or orally . Sexual abuse, for its part, is the performance of a sexual action, different from carnal access , such as: touching or kisses in an area of ​​sexual connotation; simulation of sexual act; exhibit or record pornographic material particularly to minors or witness shows of the same nature, among others. Sex crimes are a priority for criminal prosecution , due to the individual harm they cause to the victims and the impact they generate on the family and society, especially when impunity is maintained through the mechanisms of power exercised by the aggressors. Sex crimes are all described and punished in the Penal Code . Wolfenson Abogados provides each client with the excellent advice of a criminal lawyer in Santiago, and the rest of Chile . In order to defend the rights of those who may have been accused of this crime or victims of it under the figure of the plaintiff lawyer .


3.- Violent crimes against life or property: Violent crimes encompass a large number of illegal behaviors established in the Penal Code , which mainly affect the life, physical or mental integrity of people, personal freedom or security. individual, and property, therefore, involve both the crimes of parricide, simple and qualified homicide, infanticide, kidnapping, child abduction, injuries, and abortion, as well as the different types of robberies, such as qualified robberies, robberies with violence or intimidation, robbery in an inhabited place and robbery in an uninhabited place . Also included within this specialty are near misdeeds committed by health professionals (medical malpractice) . Consequently, due to the wide catalog of criminal types that comprise violent crimes and in consideration of the seriousness of the behaviors that they imply, the associated penalties can even reach qualified perpetual imprisonment . Violent crimes encompass a large number of illicit behaviors established in the Penal Code , which mainly affect the life, physical or mental integrity of people, personal liberty or individual security, and property.


The most common violent crimes are: Parricide Simple and qualified homicide Infanticide, Kidnapping, Child abduction, Injury, Abortion. The different types of robbery are the following: qualified robbery, robberies with violence or intimidation, robberies in an inhabited place and robberies in an uninhabited place Casualties committed by health professionals The Penal Code is the legal text that determines the criminal prosecution of crimes violence in Chile , describing and punishing all those behaviors that in a violent way mainly affect the life, physical or mental integrity of people, personal liberty or individual security, and property. To prepare a good defense against this type of crime , both on the part of the accused and the plaintiff , it is essential to have the legal representation of a criminal lawyer from Wolfenson Abogados , in order to adequately represent their interests and rights in criminal proceedings. .


4.- Economic Crimes: Economic crimes also known as “ neck and tie crimes ” are all those illicit behaviors committed by natural persons, personally or through legal entities, that affect the patrimony of one or more victims, the financial system or the market in general. The scope of these crimes is quite broad, ranging from simple scams to complex financial, customs or tax illicit. Thus, the criminal types considered "economic crimes" are approximately 250, figures that are sanctioned with penalties ranging from a simple fine - as occurs with some illicit crimes that violate intellectual property - to penalties consisting of 15 years of deprivation of liberty. - in crimes such as fraudulent bankruptcy. This type of crime is part of the priorities of criminal prosecution, due to the high social impact that they generate, under the premise that a crime of "neck and tie" can violate people in the same way as a crime of greater connotation, on all when it affects a multiplicity of victims .


The main economic crimes in Chile are the following: Tax Crimes, Clandestine Commerce, Customs Crimes, Smuggling, Crimes against Intellectual Property, Piracy, Fraud, Misuse of credit cards, Phishing, Pharming, Computer Crimes, Sabotage, Industrial Espionage. Faced with an accusation of this nature, Wolfenson Abogados has experienced criminal lawyers in Santiago , expert criminal lawyers who will be able to provide excellent legal advice and adequate criminal private defense for each client.


5.- Intrafamily Violence: Intrafamily violence is a phenomenon that runs through the entire Chilean society, affecting people's freedom, their dignity as a human being and their physical and psychological integrity . These crimes are all those attacks that occur between members of the same family , and can represent a permanent risk for the victim or victims and, in some cases, their less serious manifestations become more violent crimes, even ending the lives of people. In acts of intrafamily violence constituting crimes, in addition to the crime of habitual abuse, other crimes are included that take on special significance. Among the most serious criminal offenses related to domestic violence in Chile , it is worth highlighting: Crimes against life : femicide, homicide, parricide, abortion, infanticide. Crimes against bodily integrity : mutilations, injuries. Crimes against individual liberty: kidnapping, child abduction. Crimes against the sphere of privacy : violation of residence. Crimes against individual security : abandonment of children and helpless people, threats. Sexual crimes: rape, proper and improper, rape with homicide, rape, sexual abuse, favoring prostitution, exposure of the minor to acts of sexual significance, production of child pornographic material. Wolfenson provides the legal advice of a criminal lawyer in Las Condes , eastern Santiago , an expert in criminal law .


Wolfenson Abogados has lawyers specialized in criminal law in Las Condes (criminal lawyers) , who stand out for providing legal advice and judicial representation in Santiago and throughout Chile.


If you need more information and legal advice for the processing of cases that require expert criminal lawyers in the commune of Las Condes, we invite you to contact our lawyers. We are located at Avenida Apoquindo 2930 in the commune of Las Condes, Santiago.

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