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Name Change

Wolfenson Lawyers represents our clients in the processing of the name change.


Everyone has the right to request the change of his name if he meets the requirements established by law. It is in this way that we provide our clients with the legal advice necessary to change the way they are recognized and appointed in social life.

Wolfenson advises his clients on the name change procedure.

Here is a legal guide to guide you on the name change:

Can I change my name and / or last name?

In accordance with the provisions of Law No. 17,344 , everyone has the right to use the names and surnames with which they have been identified in their respective birth registration. Now, notwithstanding the specific cases in which the rectification of the inscriptions in the Civil Registry is allowed, any person may request, once, that they be authorized to change their names or surnames , or both at the same time.

In which cases can I change my name and / or surname?

It proceeds in three cases:

1. When they are ridiculous, laughable or morally or materially undermine the applicant;

two.   When the applicant has been known by another name (s) or surname (s) (or both) for more than five years.

3.   In cases of non-marital filiation or in which the filiation is not determined , to add a surname when the person has been registered with only one or to change one of those that would have been imposed on the born, when they are the same.

Can I request that my last name in a foreign language be translated into Spanish?

Indeed, the person whose names or surnames , or both, are not of Spanish origin , may request that they be authorized to translate them into the Spanish language. In addition, you can request authorization to change them, if the pronunciation or writing of them is manifestly difficult in a Spanish-speaking medium.

Where and how is the procedure to change my name and / or surname carried out?  

The procedure is carried out by virtue of a demand presented through an attorney to the competent judge of letters in attention to the petitioner's domicile,

In which cases the change of the name and / or surname is not authorized?

In accordance with the provisions of the law, the change of name or surname or deletion of proper names will not be authorized in the event that the applicant is currently being prosecuted or has been convicted of a crime or simple crime that deserves afflictive punishment , unless in In the latter case, more than ten years have elapsed from the date the sentence was executed and the sentence is completed.

Once my first and / or last name has changed, can I continue to use my previous name and / or last name?

Modified the birth certificate , the person who has changed his name and / or surnames in accordance with the provisions of the previous articles may only use, in the future, in all his actions, his new proper name or surname, in the orderly manner by the Judge.

How can I carry out the procedure?
To carry out the process, you need the legal advice of one of Wolfenson's specialist lawyers.


How long it takes?
Because it is a voluntary procedure, it can take, on average, approximately six months, since it will depend on the court.


If I change my last name, will my children inherit that change?
The change of surname is extended to children subject to parental authority , that is, those children whose assets are administered by the adult who has them under his personal care and must be requested at the time of requesting the change . It is also extended to other descendants who consent to it.

Can I retract the change to my first or last name?
No, only one change in life is allowed .

If I changed my children's last name, after changing mine, can they correct this in the future?
No, the legislation provides that it can only be done once in a lifetime, either by their own will or by the parents' decision.

If I change my last name, but my children don't want to, will they have problems inheriting my property?
No, the name change does not alter the filiation , so their descendants will normally inherit.

Wolfenson Abogados provides quality legal advice, making it possible to change the name of its clients.

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If you need more information and legal advice regarding the name change, we invite you to contact our lawyers in Santiago. We are located at Avenida Apoquindo 2930 in the commune of Las Condes, Santiago de Chile.

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