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Benefits Municipality of Ñuñoa

Wolfenson Lawyers and the Municipality of Ñuñoa have outstanding benefits in terms of legal advice for their neighbors.


The agreement with the Municipality of Ñuñoa arose from the concern of the firm Wolfenson in providing the residents of the commune of Ñuñoa important benefits when resorting to professional legal advice. We offer discounts in all our areas of practice for those who have their neighbor's card, making it possible to develop local businesses and defend the rights of the people who make up the community.


Wolfenson Lawyers recognizes the importance of being in constant communication with the neighbors of the commune of Ñuñoa, opening its channels of face-to-face and virtual communication to meet the most urgent legal requirements immediately, through our offices in the commune of Las Condes, and the use of digital tools such as a videoconference with our legal team in the successful platform Zoom, always to the preference of our clients.


We advise individuals, families and companies of all sizes and industries in the municipality of Ñuñoa. Our benefits extend to the main areas of law practiced in Chile, such as civil law, corporate law, labor law, public and constitutional law, and human rights. 


You can find a list of all the benefits by clicking here.

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