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Title Study

Wolfenson Lawyers provides specialized legal advice to our clients when buying a property.

The purchase of a property has several steps prior to signing the contract of sale. Among these, is the signing of the promise of sale and the realization of a study of titles on the property.

Studying titles is one of the most important steps, as it provides the security necessary to take this big step with confidence. This procedure consists of studying the history of the property, in order to avoid potential litigation or inconvenience to our clients after its acquisition.

Here is a legal guide to give you general guidance on studying titles:

What is a title study?

The study of titles corresponds to an analysis that is carried out to determine the legal status of the property that you want to acquire. Reviewing all the legal documents of the property, investigating if it has mortgages or other established rights , if the person who claims to be the owner really is, and if he has the ability to dispose of it , among others.

What are the stages of the study of titles?

A title study is said to have two stages , in the first it is verified that all the legal documents of the property are in order to be able to carry out the sale , and the second the lawyer informs his client through a legal report if he recommends or do not buy the property in question.

Who requests the study of titles?

By general gift, the buyer requests it . This is because it is he who is interested in making a purchase safely . Notwithstanding that the seller can also request it.

What documents are necessary for a degree study?

Title studies need several documents to guarantee a responsible purchase of a real estate . Among them, the current domain registrations , the previous public deeds of sale , the SII tax certificates and common expenses , municipal certificates of non-expropriation, among others, stand out.

Wolfenson Abogados provides its clients with exceptional legal advice in the study of titles with lawyers specialized in real estate law.

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