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M & A

Wolfenson Lawyers provides advice on Mergers and Acquisitions locally and internationally.


Our purpose is to satisfy the preferences and business strategies of our clients, we seek to be a guide in their processes of acquisition, sale or merger of companies.

During the advice we provide to our clients, the different negotiation phases are considered; Highlighting the legal review of the company or due diligence, and the preparation of all the necessary documentation to close the requested transaction, including shareholders' agreements.

In this way, Wolfenson Abogados seeks to satisfy the requirements of our clients regarding mergers and acquisitions carried out in Chile, including, among others, private acquisition processes in national and transnational takeovers, purchases of minority interests, divestments and company restructuring.

Wolfenson Lawyers. Chile Law Firm.

If you need more information and legal advice regarding mergers and acquisitions of companies, we invite you to contact our lawyers in Santiago. We are located at Avenida Apoquindo 2930 in the commune of Las Condes, Santiago de Chile.

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