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Benefits Gendarmerie of Chile

Wolfenson Lawyers and Gendarmerie of Chile are part of a significant agreement aimed at providing legal advice and legal representation of excellence to members of the armed forces and their families.


The outstanding public service and the great vocation that Gendarmerie of Chile has performed in its more than one hundred years of existence under the Ministry of Justice, has inspired our firm to provide important benefits to the members of the institution and their families. The different needs demanded by the provision of timely and excellent legal advice throughout Chile, are not indifferent to the reality of each officer of the penitentiary institution. That is why we approach the institution by giving priority and direct line of contact to our law firm in Santiago Oriente. We offer preferential discounts in all our areas of practice, promoting an effective retribution to the important function they perform in our country.

The law firm Wolfenson Lawyers, recognizes the importance of being in continuous and permanent communication with the institution of Gendarmerie, opening its face-to-face and digital meeting channels with the purpose of attending the legal and juridical requirements of our clients, through our law office in Santiago Oriente, and the use of digital tools such as videoconferences with our legal team in the successful platform Zoom, always in preference of the officers and their families.

The legal advice provided by our lawyers specializes in the main areas of law. Whether it is about conflicts within the institution itself, personal undertakings, family conflict resolution, labor law advice, representation of crime victims before criminal institutions, or the defense of fundamental and constitutional rights, are just some of the legal needs and requirements of frequent legal consultation of its members. Thus, our benefits extend to the main areas of law practiced in Chile, such as civil law, corporate law, labor law, criminal law, public and constitutional law, and human rights. 

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