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Labor Law for Companies

Wolfenson Lawyers has professionals with extensive experience in advising on labor law.


Our Firm provides advice in matters of individual and collective labor law, labor litigation, social security and immigration. Our professionals are characterized by providing permanent advice to clients regarding all types of labor matters that arise within the company, whether in hiring processes, compensation, preventive labor auditing, corporate policies, internal regulations, subcontracting, training, among other.

Likewise, the Firm has lawyers specialized in labor litigation, representing the interests of its clients in courts, as well as having significant experience in collective bargaining processes and matters of collective law.

Regarding immigration, Wolfenson provides its clients with a wide range of services related to immigration regulation in Chile and the hiring of foreign workers. The foregoing includes advice and processing of visa applications and work permits for foreign workers; in addition to providing the client with a comprehensive and timely analysis of labor matters.

Wolfenson provides its clients with rigorous and expert comprehensive labor advice, among our main advisory services are the following:

  • Advice on remuneration and benefits . Labor, social security and tax treatments .

  • Advice on the separation of workers . Review of termination grounds , preparation of termination and settlement letters , estimation of compensation to be paid for term of contract , among others.

  • Drafting or revision of employment contracts or annexes to it.

  • Review and analysis in terms of working hours , ordinary, extraordinary or exceptional. Attendance records, among others.

  • Advice regarding the requirements for foreign workers to provide services in Chile , applicable work permits, social security exemptions, among others.

  • Advice on union law and collective labor instruments .

  • Preparation or revision of the Internal Regulations .

  • Advice in relation to the constitution and operation of the basic labor organizations of the company (Bipartite Training Committee, Joint Committee on Hygiene and Safety and Department of Risk Prevention).

Legal Advice in Collective Bargaining Processes:

Wolfenson Abogados permanently provides our clients during the process of negotiating collective labor instruments with their unions or groups of workers united to negotiate. This advice includes, among other services, the review of the minimum floor of the negotiation; support in the negotiation process , determination of minimum services and advice on the drafting of the respective collective instrument from a comprehensive legal perspective .

Pension Advice:

Wolfenson is made up of lawyers specialized in corporate labor law , which allows us to provide a comprehensive solution to your corporate labor needs. In addition, we provide the most extensive advice in relation to pension and tax treatment .

Labor Audits:

Thorough review of the level of compliance of the company with respect to the applicable labor and social security regulations, and the obligations towards its workers . This procedure seeks to identify contingencies that could affect the organization, in order to implement improvement measures and establish work methods or procedures that allow maximizing adequate work in compliance with legal and regulatory standards in general.


The audits of Wolfenson Abogados , comprise all the main aspects in the labor area , among which are:

  • Compensation for termination of employment contract and settlements.

  • Unions and collective instruments .

  • Internal Regulation of Order, Hygiene or Security.

  • Basic labor organizations of the company.

  • Foreign workers .

  • Honorary workers .

  • Subcontractors .

  • Work contracts or annexes .

  • Working day

  • Remuneration and benefits .

Labor Litigation or Trials

Wolfenson provides excellent legal advice and representation regarding eventual litigation before Labor Courts and against administrative procedures before the Administrative Authority ( Labor Directorate ).

Wolfenson Abogados provides excellent legal advice in corporate labor law.

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Wolfenson Lawyers. Chile Law Firm.

If you need more information and legal advice regarding labor law for companies, we invite you to contact our lawyers in Santiago. We are located at Avenida Apoquindo 2930 in the commune of Las Condes, Santiago de Chile.

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